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Catalysing youth-led peacemaking

Join Our Mission

We equip young people to address challenges to peace, justice, and strong institutions, by building positive peace. We use approaches from design, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 


Big ideas for a more peaceful world

Our Why

At the heart of sustainable development lies a profound truth: without peace, progress cannot take root or flourish. Peace is not merely the absence of conflict but a foundational element for the well-being and potential of every community worldwide (see Sustainable Development Goal 16). By nurturing peace, we create a foundation for development, justice, and inclusivity, ensuring a resilient and sustainable future for all.

Entrepreneurship and innovation are powerful engines for social change, driving progress by solving complex challenges. In the context of peacebuilding, they offer fresh perspectives and sustainable solutions to conflicts and inequalities. By fostering innovation, we encourage the creation of new products, services, and approaches that address the root causes of unrest and promote harmony.

Get Involved

Ready to make a difference? Explore how you can contribute:


University Students

Start a PaxHax chapter and join our community to innovate for peace-building initiatives.

Multiracial Colleagues


Support unique events, engage with peacemakers and empower youth to create solutions to issues impacting peace.

Designer Using Drawing Pad


Partner with us to amplify your impact by supporting peace and innovation around the world.

Business People Applauding

What we do

Community Building

Cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset in peace-building, we nurture a community of change-makers across universities throughout the Pacific region.

Brand Collaborations

We work with brands to establish profit for purpose initiates to fund peace making projects around the world.

Events & Hackathons

Engage with inspiring speakers, explore the convergence of entrepreneurship and peace, and tackle challenges head-on through our dynamic events and hackathons.

Coaching & Acceleration

Whether you're an established PeaceTech founder or aspiring to become one, our personalised support empowers you to scale your impact.

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